Digital Through-life engineering

Revolutionise your business with our suite of digital tools. Xeropoint delivers powerful and comprehensive software solutions based on our new Industrial IoT SaaS platform, X-FORGE.

Fully embrace the digital revolution

With our cutting edge software powered by the most advanced technologies and techniques, Xeropoint remove all barriers so you can go full-digital. By leveraging Cloud & Web technologies, high cost, long schedules and heavy risk can be minimized to propel you on the global stage.

Powering Innovation in your Industry

Now and again, new technologies and paradigms emerge with the power to completely shift an industry's landscape. Xeropoint has the expertise and experience to deploy IoT and digital services that will enable your company to leap forward and to impact your industry.



IoT is revolutionising Aerospace operations, with remote monitoring.



Cutting-edge automation is maximising assembly line output and savings.



Optimised manufacturing industrial processes are yielding reduced failures and down time.



Digital services are allowing the improvement of building standards and efficiency.



Advancing technologies through industrialization of state-of-the-art research.


Forge ahead of the competition with our Through-Life Engineering and Industrial Digitization SaaS platform.


Start your project on the right footing with our new collaborative application. Capture your customer and supplier needs and automatically formalise them into testable executable requirements. Explore your customer priorities saving time, effort and cost.


Let the power of X-Forge explore the design space for you. Using pre-configured conceptual design tools, rapidly survey the system boundaries and sensitivies using multi-objective optimisation algorithms. Or, let it drive your favourite design tools.


No more manufactured items differing from your design. Whether from an upstream design house or internal department, quickly assess and feedback manufacturing issues collaboratively. Check tolerances and manufacturing/material choices, optimise tool-paths and estimate manufacturing times.


Do you have a prototype product in the field or test-rig? Do you capture data and compare it with the "as-designed" or "as made" product state? Why not? Do you want to feed back issues to the design or manufacture phases? Of course you do. Now you can in one place.


Manage your live assets in the field, at any level, fleet, system, assembly or component. Visually, check their instant health status. Automatically predict and schedule maintenance checks and down-time. Tune operations to maximise asset life and minimise cost. Dynamically adapt to changes in customer usage.


At every single stage of the asset development capture, curate and leverage knowledge. Whether it's customer needs, design insights, manufacturing best practice, test procedures or operational know-how. Build a knowledge base to re-invest your intellect into the current and future products.

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Guy Johns - CEO & Co-Founder
Guy Johns
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Darren Everley
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Keith Waller
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